Return & Cancellation Policy

We provide a 30-days money-back guarantee.

If you discover that our product does not fit your needs you can request a refund from our customer service department within 30 days after the purchase mentioning specific product, order number and the reason for the refund. The cost will be refunded in full.

Preorders can be canceled at any time before the final release and are refunded in full as well. At launch date they are converted to regular orders and are covered by the 30-days money-back guarantee counting from the product launch date.

For recurring billing products, returns for more than one payment may be provided if requested within the standard 30 day return period. After 30 days all sales are final.

When refunding an order you give up your rights to using the product, which will be reflected by your license being revoked and the refunded copy becoming nonfunctional.